Music Man Jr. opens tonight at Kaufman

Music Man Jr. opens tonight at the Kaufman Auditorium. It is starring more than 50 talented youth from the area. Music Man Jr. will be a shortened version of Music Man, showcasing kids 8th grade and under. The growing number of talented youth in the U.P. forced the Lake Superior Youth Theater to add an additional show to their fall line–up.

“I have two characters, said Jeremiah Ogawa, 8th grade actor, one is a fancy schoolboard member and the other one is kind of sleezy, dirty and rotten. They are totally different roles and it’s quite a challenge and it’s just super fun. , 8th grade actor.

“I play Ethel, one of the gossip girls of the town, it’s a really exciting play, the music is great and the amount of songs and acting is great. Everyone is doing really well with their roles and overall it is a very good play,” said Senia Manson, 6th grade actress.

High School seniors participated, but in behind the scene supervisory roles such as casting, choreographers, and stage management.

Noah Gannor, Senior, Assistant Stage Manager, I help stage manage and help get all of the props in place and help the actors get in place. It’s a new experience, I got to see a lot more into the audition process and a lot of the behind the stage activities that I took for granted when I was just acting.

Music Man recently showcased at the Tony Awards this year with a song, performed by LL Cool J, Hugh Jackman, and T.I. You can get tickets by visiting an NMU EZ ticket outlet or by calling (906) 227- 1032.