Wildcats ready for test vs. Wayne State

MARQUETTE – Sometimes the football bounces your way, other times, it does not. No one knows how that saying goes more than the football team at NMU.

The Wildcats are currently one and five with a game on tap this Saturday at home against Wayne State. NMU has lost those five games by a combined 30 points. The season has not gone according to plan for the Wildcats, but head coach Chris Ostrowsky says that the team is keeping everything positive and in perspective.

We’re committed to each other,” said Ostrowsky. “All you have to do is spend three minutes with anyone of the players or coaches and know that’s the case. The bottom line is, we’re going to continue to do what we think is right. At the end, we’re not changing and trying to become something else or somebody else. We’re going to do the things we think is good football. I don’t care how you look at it, this one is a different year; it’s as frustrating as can be. We are literally five plays away from winning all five of those games. The ball has to bounce your way at some point.”

“We’re a touchdown away every game basically,” said Wildcats senior linebacker Nick Krause. “We’re one play, one stop, one play away. It hurts, but we’re going to come back and get this next one. We’re going to come out flying around, put those games in the past, and finish this half of the season strong.”

“Honestly, we just have to keep pounding, we just have to keep working. We can’t be discouraged because we keep losing. We just have to keep going and we’ll be good,” said NMU freshman quarterback Jaranta Lewis.

Coach Ostrowsky told ABC 10 Sports that his starting quarterback for Saturday’s game will be a game time decision. Freshman quarterback Jaranta Lewis made his first collegiate start last week at Malone.

Sophomore quarterback Shaye Brown was the starting quarterback for the Wildcats first five games of the season.