New MML book includes chapter on Marquette waterfront

MARQUETTE — The Michigan Municipal League conference rolled on in Marquette today. The event also celebrated a new book, produced by the league, that includes a chapter on Marquette.

The title is, “The Economics of Place: The Art of Building Great Communities”. A chapter of the book called ‘Waterfronts’ concerns Marquette, the history of the city’s shoreline and the efforts the city has made to redevelop the area.

“We did get an advance copy of the chapter, and so we had a chance to read it before we finally got the book,” Marquette mayor Bob Niemi said. “It’s great, because it’ll showcase what we’ve been doing here throughout the state, and I think there’s, hopefully, lessons people can learn from what we’ve done.”

Niemi says it’s great to get a different perspective on the city from the conference guests, many of whom have never visited before.

“When you’re going down the street, you’re going on a mission to one place, and we forget the beauty we have around (us) here in our city,” he said. “It’s really nice to see that through someone else’s eyes and to remind us (of) the treasures that we have up here.”

The MML convention continues through Friday.