Electrical line tech students put their skills on display

K.I. SAWYER — Over thirty students participating in an electrical line technician program showed off their skills to their families and friends Thursday.

They are students at the Midwest Skills Development Center and are about two months into a year-long program.  At the open house, they climbed electric poles, getting into elevated work positions, and other tasks.

“We have some people using bucket trucks, some people climbing, we have some people using baker boards which are an insulated platform, so we’re trying to use a variety of techniques to get them acclimated to the various job situations they’ll meet,” MSDC instructor Jerry LePage said.

LePage said the electric line program also helps students prepare for jobs in the workforce and could lead to job opportunities similar to electric work.

“Learning these skills could also prepare them to do cable TV work, telephone work, and other types of line work,” he said.  “Some of the students actually get jobs in other aspects of electricity not just line work, but line work is our main focus.”

Students are taught to operate electrical systems for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.