Negaunee Senior Citizens Center to hold rummage sale fundraiser

NEGAUNEE — Volunteers at the Negaunee Senior Citizens Center have been hard at work getting ready for a fundraiser to help provide assistance to the area’s seniors.

The center is hosting the fall edition of their semiannual rummage sale Wednesday from noon to 6:00 p.m. A wide variety of items were donated for the sale over the past week by community members.

“We’ve got all kinds of things for sale here; a little something for everyone, from Red Hat merchandise to children’s toys, books, games, clothing, and everything in between,” said Kristy Basolo-Malmsten, Director of the Negaunee Senior Center.

The rummage sale is one of the center’s larger fundraisers designed to help support its in-home services for seniors living in Negaunee, Negaunee Township, and Richmond Township.

“Basically, in-home services are anything that we can do to help people stay in their homes longer when they get into their older years,” added Basolo-Malmsten. “So that would be light housekeeping, maybe some chore work, helping with mowing the lawn, or things that maybe people just can’t do anymore easily for themselves, and if we can provide some of those services for them, then they’re able to stay in their homes where most of them want to be.”

In addition to many smaller items for sale, shoppers will also find over two dozen pieces of furniture.