MARQUETTE — Choosing health insurance is a complicated process.

MSU Extension and AARP tried to make the process go a little smoother with a session on navigating the health insurance market.  The session taught the public about the Affordable Care Act, how to analyze their heath insurance records, and how to budget for health insurance.

“We’re going to talk about what kind of health care you use now and what might be your needs in the future-do you have surgery coming up, or do you have a chronic disease such as diabetes,” MSU Extension educator Beth Waitrovich said.  “Those are all things you need to take into consideration as you’re looking at different healthcare plans.”

Waitrovich said it is important to be able to compare one plan to another when choosing health insurance.

“Really the best way to do it is to gather your records from the past year and look at the kind of benefits you’ve used from your health insurance in the past and then look at the health insurance policies you’re considering to find out if they have those same benefits,” she said.

A session will be held in Escanaba is holding a session on Thursday, October 23rd, at the Escanaba MSU Extension Office from 3 to 5 p.m.