Organ donors give the gift of life

The decision to be an organ donor is a gift recipients say they can’t even begin to explain or summon up a proper thank you with mere words. But tonight they tried at the organ transplant panel presentation held on the Campus of NMU. Surgeons, donors and recipients all graced the panel to discuss the intricate procedure and details of organ transplants and donations. Many organ recipients were in attendance, and say sharing their story and paying it forward is how they say express their thanks.

“It’s just wonderful if you can extend the life of someone. My life has been extended over 13 almost 14 years and during that time my son got married and became a doctor. I currently do a lot of volunteering to try and help pay back for the wonderful gift I have received,” said Carol Limirand, liver and kidney recipient.

There is no cost associated with donating or receiving an organ. In Michigan there are currently about 3,000 people on the organ waiting list.

“They’re an angel as far as we are concerned., they gave Clare her life and we would not have reached our 50th wedding anniversary. We made it to 46 when she came down with scelerosis of the liver, she maybe had a month or two months at best to live,” said Doug NCLL Board Member.

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