Negaunee kindergarteners visit a fire station

NEAGUNEE — Fire Prevention Week continued in Marquette County Tuesday.  Kindergarteners from Lakeview Elementary in Negaunee had a special field trip to the fire station.

Kids were able to see what equipment firefighters use and try on firefighting equipment.  The students were very eager and excited to learn fire prevention and fire safety.

“The kids are really eager to learn about everything they can do with at home or at school…if there’s ever a fire drill or if there’s a fire at home so the sooner we can get to them and the sooner we can talk to these kids about what do to if a fire does happen the better, and they’re so eager to learn so we’re very lucky that they’re [the Negaunee City Fire Department] letting us come down,” Lakeview Elementary School kindergarten teacher Chad Kemp said.

“The adults sometimes have a tendency to be a little more complacent as far as their busy lifestyles and don’t really take the time to think about fire prevention,” Negaunee City Fire Department assistant fire chief Jeff Gardyko said.  “Kids are usually (good at) reminding parents about getting their smoke detectors checked and having fire extinguishers readily available for small fires.”

Learning fire safety and interacting with firefighters also helps kids understand that they don’t have to be scared of a firefighter in a dangerous situation.

“Sometimes a child can be scared from the type of equipment.  You can’t see the person’s face, so we want to reassure that it’s a firefighter and he’s there to help the people.”

Visiting the fire station is one of many events held throughout this week for Fire Prevention Week.