Learn to become a Smart Gardener this weekend

MARQUETTE — Old and new gardeners will have a chance to become Smart Gardeners at a conference this weekend.

The U.P. Smart Gardening Conference, hosted by MSU Extension, aims to teach people how to create edible landscapes.  Smart Gardening focuses on earth friendly principles and sustainable practices that allows people to become environmentally conscious.

“Everything is connected and that’s really what we’re trying to promote with this, especially home gardeners because there’s so many that they can really play an important role in helping the environment, decreasing use of pesticides that might not be necessary and rebuilding soil through organic matter and compost,” MSU Extension educator Rebecca Krans said.

Topics at the conference include vegetable potpourri, vertical gardening, creating healthy soils, and backyard fruit.  People can register for the conference at 8 a.m. Saturday at the Ramada Inn in Marquette.  The cost is $80 to register the day of the conference.