MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University dedicated the new Jamrich Hall tonight with a ceremony featuring the man the building is named after.

Dr. John Jamrich served as NMU’s president from 1968 to 1983. The university held a ribbon cutting and an unveiling of the building’s plaque involving him and his wife, June. Dr. Jamrich said that while the two of them now live in Florida, they consider the university and Marquette to be their home.

“We cherish the memories of our many years at Northern Michigan University, experiences that go back to our 15-year tenure beginning in 1968, and relationships spanning the decades since that retirement, ” Dr. John Jamrich said.

Dr. Jamrich toured the new hall this week and loved what he saw, especially when he observed a nursing class using one of the building’s active learning classrooms.

“(It was) just a fantastic display of what this facility is now and will continue to provide,” Jamrich said. “The collaborative classroom atmosphere was so evident.”

Jamrich said it was deeply touching for the university to honor him by having named not one, but two buildings after him.

The new hall opened in August. The original Jamrich Hall was in use from 1970 until its demolition earlier this year.