Baraga County looking to implement new informational signs

BARAGA — The Baraga County Convention and Visitors Bureau is looking to implement a new informational signage project and it is seeking help from the community.

The CVB has been posting informational signs for over 30 years.  However, the signs lacked consistency in appearance.

Executive Director Tracey Barrett said the biggest issue with the current signage has been theft, but she thinks getting the community involved in the project will help prevent those instances.

“We’re hoping the locals will appreciate everything being signed, let alone, the tourists will enjoy it. Mount Arvon has been the most extensive, in terms of keeping it signed because so many go there. So that’s the same kind of thing we want to do with all the sights in Baraga County,” she said.

The CVB is seeking funds to fully implement the signage, with early estimates pricing the project at $20,000 for about 300 signs.  Barrett added the signs would have a great impact on tourism in Baraga County.

“It’s just a directional sign. It would be nice to have people come into the county and say “I’m not here on the weekends.” Or if they don’t know to come here, they can see a sign and say “Second Sand Beach. Let’s go there,” and they can find their way without asking people for directions,” said Barrett.

If you would like to donate to the project, contact the Baraga County CVB or head to their donation website at