Aaron Rodgers surprises 12-year-old to raise awareness for children with cancer

Aaron Rodgers surprises Annie and an entire neighborhood! – Full Story – itsAaron.com

The NFL has had some bad publicity lately but there’s a great story brewing in Packerland. Aaron Rodgers surprised a 12-year-old Wisconsin girl by lending a hand with her campaign to help children who have cancer.


Aaron Rodgers and David Gruber partner for season three of itsAaron.com. This year Aaron and David are highlighting three amazing organizations who are doing big things for many people. In this episode, Aaron surprises Annie, the creator of Gold In September (GoldInSeptember.org). And together they surprise the entire neighborhood.

Annie Bartosz of Hartland was surprised by Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in a touching video that is going viral.

The 12 year old has a claim to fame of her own, as the founder of the “Gold in September Childhood Cancer Project”. Inspired by her twin brother, Jack, who died of cancer, Annie created the project to raise “to raise awareness and inspire action for childhood cancer initiatives.” In the video, Aaron Rodgers says that Jack meant a lot to him. Aaron and Annie go door-to-door to give people information on her campaign.