Manistique Public Safety warns residents of phone scam

MANISTIQUE — The Manistique Public Safety Department is warning residents about phone scams circulating in Manistique and Schoolcraft County.

The callers typically have foreign accents and attempted to obtain information from their victims, which may lead to the suspects having access to bank accounts. Usually the callers will tempt their victims by telling them they have won cash or an expensive prize.

The public should also be aware that the callers may seem to have credible information about the person’s home, their bank personnel, or relatives. For example, the callers may advise the victim that they have been by their white in color two story home to deliver the prize, but they were not home. The callers will the refer to the victim’s relatives or the names of local banking personnel who the victim may deal with.

Police are asking the public to realize that all of this type of information is easily available on the Internet, and clever criminals will use the information to dupe victims into trusting them.

Police want to remind the public to never give out any personal information over the phone, including your financial institution, banking or checking account numbers, social security numbers, or date of birth. If you receive any suspicious call, hang up immediately and contact your law enforcement agency.