Flags placed NMU students honor 9/11 victims

MARQUETTE — Members of Northern Michigan University’s College Republicans and College Democrats remembered the 9/11 anniversary by placing flags on the campus lawn.

The flags have been placed in the commons area to show support for victims of the terror attacks and their families.  Many NMU students were in elementary school in 2001, so while they may not remember what happened 13 years ago, they still wanted to honor those who died.

“A lot of the students aren’t going to remember (9/11), but they’ll learn maybe from our history books,” NMU College Republican executive board member Crystal McGlone said.  “I hope that this tradition (of placing the flags) continues on well after I leave the campus.”

“It’s very awesome be a part of something like this,” NMU senior Haley Green said.  “I remember the exact moment it (9/11) happened.  I was in the car with my mom and my brother…and just what a tragic moment that was in history, and to be a part of something like this is really amazing.”

“It’s a busy day, it’s become a busy world that we don’t stop and remember all of the victims.  But when you see the flags behind us it really puts into perspective how many victims that there are.  Today is something (those families) will never forget this day.  Those family members will never forget, and I hope NMU students will never (forget) as well.”

The college republicans are also hosting another 9/11 memorial Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Presque Isle Pavilion