Wildcats stay positive heading into week two

MARQUETTE — It’s no secret that the Northern Michigan University football team did not begin the season the way they wanted to, losing to Northwood, 23–13. The Wildcats will get a chance to redeem themselves this Saturday in Illinois.

The Wildcats are set to face the Quincy Hawks from the Great Lakes Valley Conference. Quincy is coming off of a week one win over Lindenwood Belleville. Hawks junior quarterback Nick Lonergan accounted for three touchdowns in the win. Shutting down Lonergan will be on NMU’s agenda, as will be showing Wildcat nation that this team is better than their opening performance was.

“That’s the critical piece when you don’t go out and perform to the standard in which you expect, if you come back the next day and blame people you’re in trouble as a program and we didn’t do any of that,” said NMU head coach Chris Ostrowsky.

“Our player base, our coaches are committed to the work. As long as we continue to be committed to the work, we’ll get ourselves out of this thing. Nobody believes in this program more than our players do, more than I do,” added Ostrowsky.

“It’s nice to see a bunch of guys that are mature enough to take a loss like that right on the chin and come back and respond the way that we did,” said NMU senior defensive lineman Trever Kruzel. “We had guys filing in watching film on Monday, which is our day off, so it’s nice to see the guys putting in the extra effort for this week.”

“Coach O has been really deliberate about just doing what we do well, doing it better, just reps, reps after reps,” said NMU sophomore quarterback Shaye Brown.

Kickoff is set for 5pm Saturday. This is the Wildcats lone non–conference game this season.