Brewers, enthusiasts gather for largest U.P. Beer Fest yet

Marquette’s Lower Harbor turned into a gathering ground for some of Michigan’s most dedicated beer hounds and brewers.

On tap: some of the best beer the state has to offer. Brewers and enthusiasts got together to share what they love about the festival.

“I love the U.P. Fall Beer Festival,” Robert ‘Wob’ Wanhatalo, Brewer for The Mitten Brewing Co., said. “Being a Yooper, great weather, and Lake Superior; it’s just a great time.”

Sawyer, Brewer for Bell’s Brewery, said, “I love Beer Fest because every single person here is smiling.”

“I like Beer Fest because it’s a good chance for all the brewers to get together and have some fun,” Michigan brewer Jeremiah Zimmerman added.

“It’s a great opportunity to come down to your own turf here and be able to share beautiful Marquette with all these out–of–towners and locals alike,” Andy Langlois, Co–Owner of Blackrocks Brewery, said. “It’s good to meet a bunch of people that you haven’t seen for quite a while, since at least last fest, and also share the beers with them, and try out some new stuff, and meet new friends.”

Chas Thompson, Beer Engineer with Schmohz Brewery, said, “I did my time up at Michigan Tech and coming back to the U.P. is just like coming home. Beer Fest up here is just a great way to finish out the summer, see a lot of old friends, make a lot of new friends, and drink a lot of great beer.”

Dick Terpstra, a home brewer from downstate Dutton, said, “This is our fourth Beer Fest here in the U.P. and it just keeps getting better every year. Cheers.”

“Why do we like Beer Fest?” asked Jeff Williams, Brewer with Pike 51 Brewing Co. “Because, Beer Fest. We’re in Marquette and there’s all these other guys and they’re really cool, and the beer’s really tasty.”

“It’s great beer from all over this awesome state,” Alex Atkin, Brewer and Lab Rat with Brewery Vivant, continued. “We’re in the U.P., which is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, don’t tell anybody. You just can’t beat this; this is the greatest beer fest on Earth, in my opinion.”

The fun started at noon for guild enthusiasts and 1 p.m. for the rest of us, and if there was a particular beer that you wanted to try you had to get there early because many breweries ended up going home having been drank out of their entire stock.

The Michigan Brewers Guild’s 6th Annual U.P. Fall Beer Fest was a place to reconnect with old friends, network with fellow brewers, and sample some beer that you don’t often get a chance to try.