NMU Forest Roberts Theatre holds fall lineup party

Along with the beautiful colors of fall, this time of year also begins the Forest Roberts Theater 2014-’15 theater season. We attended their Theatre Interest Night and bring you a sneak peek at the upcoming lineup.

All the world’s a stage and now everyone in the U.P. can be a part of the Forest Robert Theaters’ stage. The First Nighters Club held an interest meeting for those interested in on-stage appearances as well as backstage performances. They say this year’s lineup has is sure to be a smash hit for everyone.

“We have an original play starting off the season, it’s called ‘Paper Tiger in the Rain’,” Forest Roberts Theatre director and professor Paul Truckey said. “It won our Panowski play-writing competition; it’s a world-premiere piece. Then we have ‘Chicago’, a musical most people know from the movie that was out a few years ago. Then we have a fairly recent play called ‘Tribes’, and then we wind up with ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ which is an older musical and a lot of fun.”

First Nighters Club members can participate in various theater activities throughout the year, and one or two upcoming box office sensations have everyone talking.

“Probably ‘Chicago’, ‘Chicago’ is really cool; we have a great choreographer, the dancing and singing is going to be awesome,” assistant box office manager Rusty Bowers said. “It has catchy tunes that everyone knows and then, to close the season with ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, is just fun, campy fun.”

Performance auditions begin next week, and if you want to join the First Nighters Club, call 227–2082.