Modeltown Superintendent

Students in Marquette, and elsewhere in the U.P., head back to the classroom next Tuesday. While parents and students are preparing for their first day, the new superintendent of the Gwinn Area Community Schools was in school today prepping as well.

Dru Milliron comes from the Posen Consolidated Schools in the northern Lower Peninsula. He was a teacher and principal before spending six years as superintendent. He says the transition to Gwinn should be an easy one.

“I really like the strength of our staff, they are very dedicated and want to see what is best for the students and want them to be college ready. The staff is fantastic so it makes my job so much easier when you have a great staff like that,” said Dru Milliron, Gwinn Superintendent.

Gwinn has just over 1,100 students, four times as many as he’s used to. Milliron says he’s already begun looking over test scores.

“To see where our strength and weaknesses are and once that is done to have a focus area for our staff so that the students are better prepared for the upcoming tests,” continued Milliron.

Milliron use to teach science and math. He says he’ll begin his tenure by introducing a new math curriculum for elementary school students.