MARQUETTE — Upper Peninsula veterans raised money Saturday for their comrades in arms and for a facility that cares for them.

The U.P. chapter of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association held a fundraising ride. All of the proceeds went to the Jacobetti Home for Veterans in Marquette. The bikers also stopped at the home during the ride to visit with residents.

“They need equipment, like different beds,” CVMA Chapter 35-1 secretary A.J. Bower said. “Some of them are getting pressure sores. They’ve come out with an $18,000 bed to help relieve pressure sores; (it’s) better for the veteran. Some of them need clothes, hats, gloves, pencils, papers, pens (and) underwear.”

The motorcycle association also received help from a chain of pizza shops. Main Street Pizza donated 20 pizzas, which the bikers helped serve to Jacobetti Home residents and their families.

“The veterans are always happy to see us,” Bower said. “They enjoy our company. They’re kind of lonely there anyhow at times, so if they get anybody down there to visit them for five or ten minutes, it puts a smile on their face and let(s) them know we are thinking about them.”

Besides the money the bikers paid to register for the ride, the group left donation jars in many locations throughout Marquette County recently. The donations added up to $2,000 and the group gave the Jacobetti Home that money during its visit.