Porkies Music Fest hitting all the right notes

10 years and still going strong, the Porcupine music 3–day festival kicked off today.

The  decade long music fest saw some newcomers and some seasoned pros. The festival afficanodos say you have to come prepared, to fully enjoy the festival.  Which means, arrive early, scout out the best location, study the line–up carefully, , as you don’t want to be away from your seat when your favorite act performs and then….sit back and enjoy the music.

“We’re here for some bluegrass and country music, we’ve seen Billy Strings at another festival and we really liked him so we came back to see him again,” said Lowell Potvin, Detroit, MI.

“Banjo music, it’s just the best music there is, I play the banjo and it sounds really good,” said Jim Steward, Crystall Falls, MI.

“This is our fourth year, we’ve seen Saint Anywhere, they are really good but they are all good,” said Jorga Stewart, Crystal Falls, MI.

The festival has two live music stages and will have a total of 36 acts performing. Chair lifts were available for music lovers to enjoy the sounds from above.

“The park also allows you to bring your own food and beverages. Local and international talent will grace the stages over the next 3 days.

“When it comes to music we are under served so it’s great to see talent on this level” said Cheryl Ssundberg, Festival Director.

The magic of music also brought out a recently married couple from Marquette with a special reason to celebrate.  They met here last year and recently got married.  A story like that is music to anyone’s ears.