NMU will soon be switching from their WiMax service to a much faster LTE network, but for the upcoming school year students will still have off campus access to WiMax.

Along with access to the wireless service, NMU students are given Lenovo ThinkPads to work with during their time at the university.

During this week, incoming freshman are picking up their new laptops, and currents students are exchanging their current ThinkPads for new ones should they need to.

Scott Krah, Director of Micro Repair Services, said, “What we wanted to do was even the playing field so that all students have equal access to the same technology.”

The cost of the computers is covered in each student’s tuition, and they can keep the laptops for as long as they remain full time students.

NMU has been distributing the ThinkPads for 14 years to varying responses from students. For the university, it’s about one thing.

“It’s not top of the line; it’s not bottom of the line, but it’s a good, solid mobile device that they can do all of their coursework with,” Krah said.

Distribution began yesterday and continues through tomorrow for incoming freshman.