HOGS donate 70k to Bay Cliff Health Camp

Bay Cliff Health Camp campers were in Hog Heaven Wednesday as they spent time with local Harley riders at their annual Camp Independence cookout.  Every year the Harley’s Owner’s Group has a motorcycle raffle and bike show to raise money for the camp.

This year the Superior Chapter of the Harley’s Owner Group raised more than $70,000 for the camp–contributing almost 10% of the camp’s operating budget and allowing them to continue providing much needed programs.

“I enjoy it here a lot, I’ve been coming here since I was a little kid and this place is just amazing. The hogs are an amazing charity and the fact that they help us it’s indescribable,” said Camp Independence attendee Brittany Sundstrom said.

Bay Cliff Health Camp survives solely on donations.  For 28 years, the Superior Chapter of the Harley’s Owners Group has been supporting the Bay Cliff Health Camp.

“It’s really remarkable, you will see a brand new camper who can’t walk or who has poor motor skills and by the end of the first camping session that camper can take a step or two and by the time it is all done, it is absolutely amazing what the counselors can do for the campers that come up here.  It is just a great feeling to know that in some way, we were a part of that,” Superior Chapter, Harley’s Owner Group president Frank Donckers said.

“They are a part of our family, they are behind the scenes, selling raffle tickets and promoting Bay Cliff.  Without them there would be a lot of kids who would not be here and a lot of programs we couldn’t run.  Everybody needs a best friend and the Harley’s are Bay Cliff’s best friend,” Bay Cliff Health Camp director Tim Bennett said.

The winner of the raffle was Marie Sinnaeve from Marquette.