ABC 10 builds new broadcast tower in Humboldt

ABC 10 viewers who may have had some problems receiving our signal in the past should see a marked improvement in the near future.

Construction on a brand-new tower for WBUP has been completed. The 600-foot tower in Humboldt will be broadcasting channel 10 from a grand total of 2,300 feet above sea level.

Once the antenna is attached and everything gets hooked up, viewers using either an antenna or digital satellite — providers of which also pick up the signal over the air — will have an improved viewing experience.

“They should be able to receive our signal over the air without any problem, as well as anybody with an antenna up now, if they’re having slight problems at times, it should come in a whole lot better,” ABC 10 engineer Gerry Heyn said.

Additional wiring, heating and cooling, antenna, transmitter, and transmission line installations are among the next steps to getting the new and improved tower running. The goal is to have the new tower powered up sometime this fall.