Most spectacular waterfall of them all – according to CNN

The U.P. is home to all but one of Michigan’s waterfalls. There are more than 300 waterfalls scattered across the U.P., ranging in size from five foot tall trickles to 50 plus foot vertical drops.

County Road 28 will lead you to two of Michigan’s most breathtaking waterfalls. Agate Falls sits inside a 213 acre park and flows over terraced sandstone. It has a 40 foot high broad band of interlacing cascades and numerous smaller falls.

“Agate Falls is unique because there is an old railroad bridge that as you are going to the falls, you actually walk underneath the highway so it’s really unique spot,” said Kellie Somero, Accounting Assistant, Baraga State Park.

Just down the road you’ll find Bond Falls, which recently made Lake Superior Magazines’ Best of the Lakes for 2014. It’s the second largest waterfall in the U.P. with a 50 foot drop over fractured Volcanic rock.

“Bond Falls is unique because we have a lot of requests for weddings, it really provides a beautiful backdrop. It is so easy to get to, it is a very scenic and unique spot,” continued Somero.

“We’ve visited several waterfalls in Baraga County and so far this is the best one we have scene. It has a nice nature hike followed by a nice walk along the falls.  You can walk all the way up, it is just one of the nicest ones we’ve seen so far,” said Chris Baker, Green Bay, WI.

Both Bond and Agate Falls flow over the middle branch of the Ontonagon river.  There are numerous scenic stops where you can stop and enjoy the falls as well as take picturesque photos.

Bond Falls has 600 feet of boardwalk to access the cascades and has been named one of CNN’s most spectacular waterfalls in the U.S.