Perkins Construction builds top-of- the-line roof for AMVETS

Amvets Post 122 in Ely Township has been in need of a structured bathing facility for years. The project recently got underway and, thanks to a local construction company, the necessary supplies were donated to literally keep a roof over their heads.

For six years, Amvets Post 122, which serves a veteran campsite in Ishpeming, has been required to get rid of their privies. An official bathing facility has been in the works, but a lack of funding kept the project dragging on. A new roof seemed like a long shot until officials received an unexpected call that got the ball rolling and the hammers swinging.

“Dan (Perkins) came to us and offered his services to put the roof on. We were just elated that he was able to come up with this, it will save us a vast amount of money. Money has always been an issue here, we are not a very big organization and it’s really hard to generate the funding that is needed to complete a building like this,” Post 122 1st Vice Commander Terry Carlson said.

It took just three days to get the roof designed, the materials secured and the work completed. Dan Perkins Construction said that with all problems veterans have had to deal with lately, this was a project they were happy to lend a hand with.

“There are some problems with the Veterans Administration this year and a lot of guys have been suffering, and we wanted to do something for the vets this year,” Dan Perkins said. “This is a volunteer project for the Amvets of Ishpeming. This is a very long-lasting roof; it should last them 100 years. It will keep this bath house protected for the long term. It is one of our standing-seam, blind-fastened roofs, very heavy gauge, beautiful finish, it’s the best we’ve got.”

The veteran campsite holds 25 camps and they are looking to expand once the bath house is complete.