Celebrating beer in the Copper Country

The Alaskan Brewing Company,  Magic Hat, Dundee — those were some of beers available at the Keweenaw Brewfest this weekend.

And for those who have been involved with the event for the last five years, they notice that the crowd gets bigger every year.  So what brings them back?

“Well one, obviously, is the love of beer and the great opportunity to try different beers that you normally perhaps wouldn’t have the opportunity to try. It’s a great fundraiser. It brings in money into our community foundation that goes to different projects across the board,” Keweenaw Community Foundation member Bernadette Yeoman said.

The Keweenaw Brewing Company was one of the many local breweries showcasing its products to the people.

Bill LaBissoniere of Peterlin Distributing said Copper Country residents have a close relationship with this unique industry.  “In the craft beer industry, there’s more new beers coming out everyday.  And it’s just exciting and we’re hungry and we want them all.”

Peterlin was one of four distributors in charge of bringing in the different beers and try to give attendees more variety and selection.  But the process of getting these breweries to come to the event varies from company to company.

“Sometimes a brewery will approach you. Other times you approach the brewery. We’ve been really lucky in recent years with picking up New Belgium out of Colorado and the Black Rocks Brewery out of Marquette,” said LaBissoniere.

It was a very successful turnout and those who attended were able to take one down, pass it around until there were no bottles of beer on the wall.