Governor Rick Snyder visits U.P. software design business

Governor Rick Snyder stopped by ThermoAnalytics in Calumet Township Tuesday to get an inside look at the work they are doing in software design.

“It’s great to be at ThermoAnalytics because it really shows how high tech things are in the Upper Peninsula,” Snyder said.  “It’s an outstanding company and it was really great to see their international success.  They’re selling their products and services around the world.”

Snyder was given a tour of the facility including an update on the building expansion. He also met with the engineering team at Michigan Tech that design 3-D printers. Snyder says it’s a great time to be a part of the technology boom.

“You have a number of people who came out of Michigan Tech, other places around Michigan and other places around the country that all gathered here to say that they can make the world’s best product.  That’s exciting,” he said.

A PowerPoint presentation on ThermoAnalytics gave the governor a little more background on the work that the company has been doing for the last several years.

Governor Snyder talked about some of the issues he is looking to tackle on the campaign trail.

“Some of the things I want to reinforce is I think there is future growth opportunities that will create more jobs,” he said.  “We’ve created over 275,000 private sector jobs in Michigan in the last three years.  We have programs like Pure Michigan Business Connect that could lead to more business and more jobs. So that’s how we’re helping companies like this grow.”