Bewabic State Park has slowly been climbing through the ranks as a Michigan Favorite. With sold out weekends and a steady increase in visitors, Bewabic State Park is making a name for itself amongst the extensive list of Michigan State Parks to see.

“I really like all the trails that you can hike on, you can look at snail shells in the water, there were tennis courts, there was a playground and I really like to go around a meet new people, make friends,” said Jena Dostaler, 13 years–old.

“It’s fun, swimming, kayaking, hiking, biking, tennis,” said Maci Dostaler, 11 years–old.

With 137 camp sites and 40 boat launches it’s not hard to see why visitors are splashing it up. “One of the hidden beauties of this state park is all of the berries you can pick when walking along the roadside.”

Bewabic sits on 135 acres and features a newly upgraded electrical system. Even though it’s equipped with modern amenities, the park still has a rustic feel to it.

“The more spacing between the sites, a bit more private, rustic feel. You get that great up north feel so a lot of people enjoy it,” said Jamie Metheringham, Bewabic State Park Unit Supervisor.

“It’s so beautiful, it’s on the first of the Fortune Lakes,we have a teepee, that’s pretty cool, a lot of people rent that out. We also have very friendly staff,” said Sydney Victorson, Bewabic State Park Seasonal Ranger.

If you have a love for fishing, gear up and head out.

“You can catch trout, bluegill bass, all the main ones,” continued Metheringham.

Looking for some physical activity on land as well, you’re in luck. Bewabic is the only state park to offer tennis courts on its grounds. If you haven’t had a chance to experience Bewabic’s crystal clear waters, one of the best times to do so is coming up with the Harvest Festival rolling into town.