The announcements of a new chair and vice chair were some of the many headlines made at today’s Board of Control meeting at Michigan Tech University.

Julie Fream, who has been serving as the Vice Chair under Stephen Hicks, was named the new chair of the Board of Control. Paul Ollila will take her place as the vice chair. The meeting featured many presentations including state representative Scott Dianda’s tribute to MTU President Glen Mroz for the University’s work in the local area.

“Under your leadership and this board, we congratulate you on behalf of the state of Michigan. This is also signed by Governor Rick Snyder, Senator Tom Casperson and myself. We’re very proud of everything you’re accomplishing and on to the future for you folks. Thank you very much,” Dianda said.

Research Professor Dr. Brad Baltensperger was recognized for his 40 years of work at MTU. He spoke about the University’s efforts to improve science education for local schools in the area.

“I’m really happy to be part of a team and really I give a lot of credit to Glen for placing tremendous emphasis on the connection with K–12 education and the university. We’ve done a tremendous amount as a university over the last ten years of getting engaged in curriculum development and teacher professional development,” Baltensperger said.

The board was also presented with a current look at the University’s budget, which ended the fiscal year with a positive balance.