Racing around the track in Norway

For families looking for something fun and cheap to do on Friday nights, the Norway Speedway might be the ticket.

Every Friday the track has stock car racing.  The track is a third of a mile long used for short-track racing, including model 4’s and late model cars.  Around 20 cars participate in each race, and most of the drivers are from the U.P. or Wisconsin.

“Down here, especially in the late model class street style class, it’s a lot of competition,” Norway Speedway president Joey Pontbriand said.  “It’s something you don’t get every places, but yet you still have the friendly camaraderie of everybody.  Everybody’s willing to help out each other but when you put your helmet on you still want to go out there and beat them, so you have that aspect and it’s really a good thing.”

“I’ve been racing here about five years, I got second in points last year, third the year before that,” Dillon Kralovetz, a racer from Bonduel, Wisconsin said.  “I just always have a hold of this track.  It’s not real banked but you can race side-by-side and you can race close without hitting each other.  Most of the races are clean up here, there’s not much smashing, they give you room, and I like the track it’s fun to race on.”

The speedway is also a family-friendly event.  After the races, kids can come to the pit and look at all of the cars and meet drivers.

“We have a great family and friends base and coming every Friday knowing everyone’s going to be here and seeing the smiles on the kids faces too,” Pontbriand said.  “You come down here after the races and kids want to sit in the car and touch everything and it’s just a good thing.”

“After the races, the gates open in the grandstands and some nights it’s like a waterfall-kids, parents, everyone-they come down.  A lot of the drivers give out free shirts and hats and free stuff and it’s really a neat experience.”

Tickets are only $10 for adults, $7 for kids seven and older, and kids younger than seven can get in for free.  Races continue through Labor Day weekend.  More information can be found on the speedway’s website or Facebook page.