Carnegie Museum hosts trolley tours

Yesterday, the Carnegie Museum in Houghton hosted trolley tours that took history enthusiasts through the Copper Country along the same route that streetcars used to use back in the early 1900’s.

Red Jacket Trolley was the driving force behind the tour, allowing riders to pass through historic hotspots in Houghton, Hancock and Calumet. Dr. William Sproule guided passengers on the trolley tour, which he says they’ve done before to the delight of many residents.

“Last fall, I worked with the Red Jacket Trolley Company,” he said. “We did a couple of tours and the Carnegie Museum thought this would be a nice fundraiser for them so they’ve promoted it and I’m looking forward to giving the tour again. Lots of good stories.”

Dr. Sproule says the trolleys would reach speeds anywhere from 20 to 50 miles per hour, and back then, a typical ride through a specific zone would cost five cents.

The next tour is scheduled for August 22nd and will focus on Houghton’s geology.