Rock Camp bands ready to hit the stage Saturday

Bands participating in P.J. Olsson’s Rock Camp only have a few days left until they hit the stage for the Big Rock Concert.

Each band is taking the stage to practice their routines to perfect every note, pitch and chord. The instructors say they have noticed the progress that these young musicians have went through.

“It’s amazing just looking back on day one and looking at where we’re at and just seeing where we’re at today. It’s really unbelievable that happened in nine days,” Rock Camp instructor Matt Vrba said.

The focus this week was rehearsing on the big stage–an essential part of getting prepared for the live performance.

“(Practicing on state is) extremely important.  (It’s) crucial going from a small room to the big stage with the lights and the smoke and it’s a completely different environment,” Rock Camp instructor Danny Thompson said.  “Lots of pressure added so to see these kids rise to the occasion and the challenge, it’s unbelievable.”

“A lot of them realize, because they had been in the Rosza Center before and obviously our orientation was here, so they had seen the big stage,” Vrba said.  “But I think a lot of the kids, until they got up there with their instrument in their hand, didn’t realize how big that stage is. But they’re doing great.”

Gabby Panian from The Popcorns says her voice has been challenged throughout her experience at Rock Camp.  But when it’s time to practice her band’s songs, she knows she has to be ready.

“It’s really important because things change when you’re on stage. You realize this is it, you’re really going to go through with this. But then after one or two run throughs on stage, you’re like, ‘Wow I sound better now than I did in the practice room’,” she said.

After Dark is one of the more experienced groups, so nervousness isn’t effecting them too much.  But there’s more to the entire performance than just making sure you get the words right.

“We get up on stage and the instructors yell at us ‘Jump around. Interact with the crowd. Talk to each other. Lean in to each other. Play to yourselves. Play to the crowd audience’, and it really changes how you think about music instead of just always playing the right notes. You’re actually playing music to people so they can hear it,” After Dark member Henry Sendek said.

Rock and roll.  Pop.  Country.  And even hip-hop . There’s sure to be something for everyone at the big rock concert this Saturday at the Rozsa Center.  Tickets are still available for the concert at the Rozsa Center Box Office or visit their website.