MAPS proposes a sinking fund to make improvements

Education is the key to success, but you need the proper tools to teach.

That’s why Marquette Area Public Schools are asking for your help. They want you to vote yes on a sinking fund that will help the school district update all seven of its buildings. The fund would be a yearly tax collection that would generate around 11 million dollars over a ten year period. MAPS has plenty of ideas on where to put the money.

“First and foremost, we have to make our schools more secure for our students. We don’t want any type of tragedy to happen here at Marquette Public Schools, and we want to make our school entrances more safe and secure. The camera systems, door cards, and the new entrances would be first and foremost. As we then get into years two, three, four and five, we would start to tackle some of the energy efficiency issues, some of the classroom environment issues, and certainly the technology issues,” said Bill Saunders, Superintendent at Marquette Area Public Schools.

Some specific areas that need work include repairing leaking roofs, installing more energy efficient windows and doors, and modernizing outdated systems like boilers and fire alarms. But, the money can only be used on the school buildings themselves.

“We can’t pay salaries with that money, we can’t buy buses with that money, we can’t even buy technology, like the individual gadgets with that money. So, its really specific to be used on the buildings,” Saunders added.

If approved, the sinking fund would affect around 3100 kids throughout the district. Voting will be held on Tuesday, August fifth.