All week kids from the area will be learning a little of Marquette’s history and using that knowledge to create art to be displayed for the public.

The program is called Art on the Move and takes place at the Marquette Regional History Center. Today, the kids walked around the exhibit gallery and even met a couple of characters from Marquette’s history.

Betsy Rutz, Museum Educator at the MRHC, said, “The kids get to go behind the scenes at the museum; they get to go into the curator’s workshop in the back rooms of the history center and see very special items. And then Wednesday through Friday are all about art making.”

After the tour, the kids began drawing, taking ideas from what they had seen. Throughout the week the kids will craft a mural that will be displayed, as the program’s name implies, moving throughout the city.

“Our idea is to create public art so that it can be shown around town and our initial idea is to have the art on the sides of buses moving around town to show public art throughout the whole community,” Rutz said.

The MRHC has partnered with the Liberty Children’s Art Project to help the kids make the art, and MarqTran to display it on the buses.