Feeling blue in downtown Marquette

Today was the perfect day to feel a bit blue. And if you were, you were in good company as Marquette’s 13th annual Blueberry Festival kicked off.

Thousands packed Washington and Front streets for “All Things Blueberry” today. On hand were everything from blue sodas and cotton candy to beads and of course, plenty of blueberries.

The main stage was a focal point of attraction for many of the berry lovers. We found berry lovers from as far away as Mexico, exited to experience something, new and very blue.

“I think it is amazing, I have never been to one before and really like it. I love blueberries, this is new for me but I wish I could enjoy it all year round. In Mexico we have beer but it’s not mixed with different flavors. This beer is excellent, it’s got blueberries at the bottom, very, very tasty,” said Jenefer Stevens, Mexico City.

The festival wraps up this evening at 7P.M.but many restaurants will still be open with hopefully plenty of specials to make you feel blue all over.