Marquette City Commission works on trucking ordinance

The Marquette City Commission will continue to have meetings on its proposed truck route ordinance after holding a work session at City Hall tonight.

The ordinance would create a truck route down County Road 550, to Sugarloaf Avenue, then onto Wright Street and through the city’s western border.

Marquette Township officials have said they oppose the route because, at least right now, it does not provide an unrestricted north-south truck route through the city.

City Commission members say all of the haul traffic coming to or from County Road 550 is directed through the city, and so far the city has essentially dealt with it on its own.

“And the real reason I think both parties are interested is to try to get it away from Northern and Wright Street and the intersection where Walmart and Target are,” Marquette City Commissioner Mike Coyne said. “Those are really hard things.”

Mike Coyne says the City Commission doesn’t want McClellan Avenue to become a haul route.  The Commission’s Transportation Committee will keep working to try to come up with options that Marquette Township and the Marquette County Road Commission would like.

“They certainly have to discuss it just as we have,” he said. “We’re really trying to work out a solution that’s acceptable to three parties, to try to get a bypass worked on and financed. This has been a lot of work.”

Coyne says the Transportation Committee will probably have a work session on the truck route issue later this week.
He and Commissioners Fred Stonehouse and Sara Cambensy are the members of that committee.