Blueberry Dance Festival in full swing

The Blueberry Festival is still days away but the Second Skin Shop and Kaufman Auditorium wanted to kick things off early, so the festivities went into full swing yesterday.

All week dancers, wannabe dancers and instructors will be kicking the lights fantastic at the Kaufman. Today’s workshop focused on break-dancing. The week-long stretch of activities will also include disciplines like ballet, modern dance and hip-hop, but break-dancing seems to hold a special place in these kids’ hearts.

“I’ve always thought it was cool watching people do all the tricks and stuff. I’ve done hip hop and I wanted to get even better so I decided to try break–dancing,” said Amanda Diddams, 12 years–old.

“I like drops, it’s really fun and you drop,” said Solen Chiodi, 8 years–old.

The master classes will include notable instructors from the Marquette area as well as celebrity dancers that have performed for stars like Justin Bieber and Britney Spears.

“Practice and stay where you are comfortable, if your body doesn’t move a certain way, find another way, that is how you become original,” said Janeil Foy, Break Dancing, Instructor.

Tuesday and Wednesday there will be a free dance competition at the Kaufman and Thursday is the showcase, where students as well as instructors will perform. Tickets are $6 and $11 in advance. You can stop by the Second Skin Shop Friday anytime during the day for free dance classes.