Delta County man heads to jail for illegally selling morphine

A former Marquette County resident who pleaded guilty to two drug-related charges has been sentenced in Delta County Circuit Court.

Thomas Waselesky, 45, was sentenced Wednesday to two months in jail, with credit for two days served, and 12 months of probation for delivery or manufacture of a controlled substance. In this case, the substance is morphine.

In addition to jail and probation time, Waselesky is required to pay $118 in state costs and fines, $500 in attorney fees, $120 in supervision fees, as well as $11.80 to the county and $106.20 to the state Crime Victim Fund.

Waselesky was also sentenced to two days in jail for use of a controlled substance. He was given credit for two days served on that charge, so that sentence is now behind him.

The Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team arrested him in late May after an investigation into the illegal sale of prescription drugs.