Marquette County is one of the only counties in the Upper Peninsula without a veterans affairs counselor, and residents may be voting to change that this November.

The Marquette County Board of Commissioners approved a motion to create a draft for a Veterans Affairs Department, including a millage rate for the November election.  The millage would be no greater than one-tenth of a mill to cover costs to pay for one counselor and one part-time clerical worker.

“The millage would be up to one-tenth of a mill, depending on what was budged by the county board,” Marquette County Board chairman Gerry Corkin said.  “For example, for the first year the administrator (Scott Erbisch) said .065 mills would be needed.”

The Veterans Affairs Department is expected to cost the county around $130,000 per year. Veterans could use the counselor to get information pertaining to veterans issues and other problems they may need help with.

“It’s something I think is needed and it’s the right thing to do for Marquette County and hopefully the voters will support the veterans in their request,” Corkin said.  “I’m happy to see the Veterans Affairs Department come to pass, I think it’s been needed for a long time in Marquette County and I’m happy to see it start.”

The final ballot proposal will be approved at the board’s August 5 meeting.