Trial set for man who impersonated police while committing armed robbery

Donovan Waupoose was in court today confirming his new court date. Waupoose and Bernard Fish are both facing 7 counts of criminal activity after pretending to be U.S. Marshals and allegedly robbing an establishment in Watton at gunpoint.

Waupoose’s previous counsel resigned from the case and new counsel was sought. This put a delay in his trial. The new date is now set for September 22nd. Waupoose and Fish are both facing 2 counts each of armed robbery, extortion, unlawful imprisonment and one count each of impersonating a peace officer.

“What’s alleged in our complaint is that at gunpoint announced themselves to be federal officers and that they were conducting a raid on an illegal marijuana growing operation, when in fact they were not federal officers. They did have guns or a badge or anything,” said Joseph O’Leary, Baraga County Prosecuting Attorney.

The request for separate trials for Waupoose and Bernard Fish was granted. Fish’s trial date is set for August 4th. Both men face the possibility of life in prison.