Marquette couple will wander the country for documentary series

A Marquette couple is preparing to travel the country for a new Internet-based documentary series.

“Wandering With You” is slated to premiere next June, but Steve Tatzmann and Jessica Wolf have already shot the pilot at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Grand Island. The series is aimed at showcasing the American experience.

“Just going to different National Parks across the country is going to be really great as well,” Tatzmann said. “It’s something we’re really looking forward to. It’s sort of promoting the National Park System by showing people the beauty of the parks and reminding them that they’re there, and being like “Hey, you know this is great, get out and enjoy it”. It’s a great resource that we all have.”

The first year of the series is already planned out, and they’ll be traveling in an Airstream with their dog, Winston. Highlights include stops in Chicago to skydive and the Great Smokey Mountains.

“It’s really kind of a logistical sort of ‘well, you know we want to get from here to here, how are we going to do that and where do we need to stop along the way?’. And that’s how we come up with the destinations on where we’re going to be,” Tatzmann said.

“We do have it planned out, where we’re going to have it, have space for our personal items — minimal at this point, but really minimizing down to the bare essentials, what we need to create and to travel and do what we want to do,” Wolf said.

“We’re going to be primarily staying in the National Parks, but (we’ll be going to) festivals…wherever it took us, and really going location by location finding out where, what would be the cool place to see there, where’s the place to go.”

‘Wandering With You’ can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.