Green Bay Police Officer’s conduct in viral video cleared

After months of interviewing witnesses and reviewing footage, the Green Bay Police Department has concluded that the techniques used by one of its officers fell within the Law Enforcement Standards Board’s approved curriculum.

Officer Derek Wicklund’s use of force had been heavily scrutinized by the public after a video taken outside of a downtown bar in April went viral.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Training and Standards Bureau released a 17–page report earlier today, analyzing Wicklund’s conduct.

In addition to the cell phone video seen here, officials reviewed the dashboard camera on a nearby squad car, and two surveillance videos in the surrounding area. The report noted a number of key actions only seen from the multiple angles. One of which cites the subject in question, who appears to put his hand near an officer’s handgun while he was handcuffing a suspect.

The man who was presumed to be intoxicated was seen making multiple emotional outbursts while ignoring Wicklund’s commands to back up.
Due to the heightened nature of the incident, the use of force was seen as a necessary measure to control the situation.

Officer Wicklund has since been cleared of any charges.