Negaunee Historical Society hosts home tour

Four unique homes were on display to the public Friday afternoon for the Negaunee Historical Society’s annual home tour.

Each year the historical society chooses different homes.  Three downtown Negaunee homes were selected, and the fourth was a newer home in Teal Lake Estates.

A cozy Peck Street cottage was built in 1918 and has only had two owners.

“Everything in the home is original, we didn’t have to do anything to the woodwork,” homeowner Cheryl Dix said.  “It’s all the way it was when it was built in 1918.  We love it, and we’ve taken good care of it, and that’s what you do with an older home.”

In addition to the home tour, the Negaunee Historical Museum was open, giving visitors a chance to see a number of the town’s artifacts.

“It’s just loaded with information, with history, and it’s laid out just wonderfully,” Negaunee Historical Society vice president Suzanne Morris said.  “It’s got three floors of items that have a lot of identification.  We do a lot of research for people, genealogy wise, too.”

“I’m so happy to get the historical museum’s and our society’s name out there, make people aware of it.  Some people aren’t even aware that we’re here.”

All proceeds from the home tour go to the historical society and museum for its day-to-day operations.

More information on the Negaunee Historical Society can be found here.