Camping is in full swing in the U.P.

As part of our Northern Exposure series, Danielle Davis recently visited Baraga County to what their fireside amenities looked like and now offers up a sneak peek into a park that gives you a unique taste of the rustic life. Baraga State Park is the laid back kind of park where you can walk your dog and let the kids run free. It’s 56 acres, sit on the Keweenaw Bay of Lake Superior along US 41.

“We have a long tradition of families who have been camping here since they were children with their parents, with their grandparents. This is the oldest park in the U.P., we were the first in the U.P.   Of course we are not the oldest state park but we were established in 1921 so we have a lot of repeat customers, a lot of traditions,” said Kelly Somero, Account Assistant, Baraga State Park.

Campers bring along many activities to keep the kids entertained but plenty of fire pits and picnic tables are already set up for daily use.

“If you’re looking to do something a bit different or more rustic when you are camping this year, here at Baraga State Park you can stay in this Kitchigamme TePee, which means great water, or great lake,” reports, Danielle Davis.

The Teepee is 22 feet wide and sleeps 6 people with bunk-bed cots. If you don’t have a camper and still want to camp at Baraga, they have mini cabins that sleep four people and come your basic amenities.

“This park you can go, east, west, north, south and explore a lot of things. We were out to see some of the beaches and the Huron Mountains, we were able to see the Huron Islands which I never knew about, it’s beautiful, just beautiful” said Manuel J. Hagan, Claire Michigan.

“It’s really nice to be a part of someone’s time off and vacation. It’s a lot of fun, I think the staff has more fun than some of the guests do,” continued Somero.

Baraga State Park has several upcoming events, including kayaking lessons this weekend and a not to be missed Christmas in July Celebration at the end of this month.