DNR and conservation district promote improved deer habitats

As part of the Michigan DNR’s Deer Habitat Improvement Partnership, conservation districts across the state receive a portion of grant funding to improve deer habitats on privately owned land.

The Dickinson Conservation District received $9,250, which will be used on habitat’s in Dickinson, Iron and Menominee Counties.

One of the tracts of land sits just behind the United Sportsmen’s Club south of Sagola. Members of the club planted crabapple and oak trees and it doesn’t take much to get parties interested in offering up their land as potential planting sites.

Ann Hruska, District Manager of the Dickinson Conservation District, said, “If you basically advertise that you’re going to have a program that encourages deer on private land, we have a lot of enthusiastic partners. The word of mouth that spreads about this program is great. People are very enthusiastic to put plantings on their land.”

The deer will benefit from the trees even late into the season, but they’re not the only ones prospering from the additional greenery.

“You’re doing a little bit to help animals, popular wildlife species. These trees, in the long run, will also benefit other wildlife species. Popular game species eat acorns and apples. For me, I think the most important thing is it gets landowners interested in conservation,” said A.J. Campbell, the Conservation District Forester for Dickinson and Menominee Counties.

The Dickinson Conservation District is one of nine agencies to receive funding around the Upper Peninsula.