Marquette arts and culture master plan outlines new ideas

The arts and culture ten-year master plan for the City of Marquette is one step closer to fruition.

The plan, which has been in development since September, was presented to the Marquette City Commission at a work session earlier this month and was met with positive reactions.

“The plan really recognizes the arts and culture community as an important player in our economy, that they are a creative sector that deserves our attention and our support,” said Marquette Arts and Culture community services manager Tiina Harris. “The plan really looks broadly at our arts and culture community and how the city can best support and nourish and strengthen the arts and culture community into the future.”

Changes in general operations of the Marquette Arts and Culture division and the resources that they provide are among the proposals outlined by the master plan. The plan’s intent is not to increase the division’s budget, but rather to reallocate and redirect resources.

“I think what you’re going to see is people working together more, strengthen the community so we are more able to offer stronger festivals, possibly more festivals and exhibits, but a stronger, more supported community in general,” added Harris.

The proposed plan will go before the City Commission tonight for final approval. For details on the master plan, visit and click on “Imagine Marquette.”