City working with rowing club, opposition for a solution to ongoing boathouse issue

The Marquette City Commission heard an update on the ongoing issue with the Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club’s proposed boathouse.

The UPCRC wants to build a boathouse near Founder’s Landing, but there is a group of people saying that it does not comply with the city’s zoning ordinance.

Marquette Police Chief Mike Angeli is working with the UPCRC and the opposition to come to a solution to the problem.

“(We’re) potentially looking at a different site, up near the Hampton Inn on the beach,” Angeli said. “There’s some zoning concerns there, there’s ownership concerns…there’s different things I hope to give an update on tonight (Monday), and probably field some feedback tonight (Monday) to hear what they have to say, and at the same time try to work in that direction (to create a solution).”

He said he believes the two sides will come to a common ground, and both want to create a resolution to please as many people as possible.

“We’ve been looking at different options, trying to take into account some of the information or feedback from the commission from that meeting [a commission work session May 21], and kind of working with the UPCRC and communicating with the opposition people to see if there’s some common ground and some things we can to do to try and make this work,” Angeli said. “I don’t know if we can please everybody, but we certainly can try to take everybody’s concerns into account and see if we can make the best out of everything.”

Angeli will take feedback and put together another presentation for the commission in the next 30-60 days.