The Rudyard Fire Department has just been chosen to join a pilot program to protect children and the elderly from fire danger.

The Making Michigan S.A.F.E. program allows firefighters to install smoke detectors in owner-occupied homes free of charge. Rudyard is one of five fire departments selected to join Making Michigan S.A.F.E., and it’s the only U.P. fire service in the program.

A $95,000 federal grant is funding Making Michigan S.A.F.E. Any organized fire department in Michigan can apply to join. Each fire department that joins the program will receive up to 250 smoke detectors that must be installed within a year, and they’ll have an opportunity to re-apply for more detectors later. The fire departments will also be required to attend training.

The Michigan Bureau of Fire Services is asking anyone who wants more information about how to join Making Michigan S.A.F.E. to call them at (517) 241-8847.