Nassiri has second preliminary exam in murder case

The Dollar Bay man accused of murdering his wife last December has once again been bound over to Houghton County Circuit Court.

Nima Nassiri is charged with second-degree murder in the death of his wife, Sanaz Nezami. She died of traumatic brain injuries. A detective testified today that Nassiri said his wife hit him on December 8th and that he went into a fit of rage while retaliating against her.

“During the course of attacking her, he swept her feet out from underneath her and struck her head several times against the floor,” Houghton County Sheriff’s Department Det. Sgt. Tom Rosemurgy said. “He actually gave an example, a physical example of himself, of how he did it and what he did.”

Nassiri was ordered to undergo a forensic examination in February to see if he would be competent to stand trial. He was ruled competent last week, and his case was remanded back to Houghton County District Court.

“I guess I just asked him what had happened,” Houghton County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Keith Anderson said. “I’d have to see my report to see exactly what he said. I do remember something along the lines of becoming violent and aggressive.” Deputy Anderson requested that we not show his face.

The pathologist who conducted Nezami’s autopsy also testified. Nassiri’s new Circuit Court arraignment has not been scheduled yet.