Celebrities team up with area residents to golf for good cause

It was a large turnout today for the Beacon House’s Celebrity Golf Classic.

Local residents teamed up with national and local celebrities for a good cause and even some familiar faces from ABC 10 took part in the event.

Teams teed off between 10:00 and 10:30, playing on either the Grey Walls or Heritage courses at the Marquette Golf Club. Both tracks featured a single hole in which an experienced golfer would drive for the teams, helping to raise additional funds.

Mick Yelovich, of Decatur, IL, said, “I’m just teeing off for everybody when they come up here. They don’t tee off; I hit a couple of drives for them, kind of entertain them with my long drive. I’ve been competing in the ReMax Long Drive Championship for about five years now, but again, just trying to raise as much money as possible for the Beacon House today. Thanks again to the Mariucci family for having us.”

As always, former Detroit Lions head coach Steve Mariucci served as host of the classic and was joined by such celebrities as Red Wings color man Mickey Redmond and the Deadliest Catch’s Captain Monte Colburn.

This year’s event featured around 300 golfers, and yesterday they made more at their silent auction than ever before, raising over $20,000. Organizers won’t know how much they collected today for a little while yet, but they believe it could be their best year to date.

All of the funds raised from the golf classic go toward the Beacon House’s operational costs.